• Series: Medieval Wedding Trilogy, Book 2
  • Publisher: October, 1998; Pocket Books: August 1999; Belle Bridge Books, 2010
  • Release Date: Jill Barnett Books, November 15, 2017
  • Genre: Historical Romance
  • Available Formats: eBook

From the New York Times Bestselling Author of Wonderful comes the tale of a wild beauty whose quiet world is is turned upside down by the wounded knight she saves from death...

Shunned by superstitious villagers, Teleri of the Woods learned early that the world is a frightening place. For years she has lived hidden away in a dark forest, where her only friends are the creatures of the woods. But when she finds a gravely wounded knight, her sanctuary is safe no more.

With his legendary skills in war and diplomacy, Roger FitzAlan had been sent to establish a stronghold on the Welsh borderlands. Ambushed and left to die by an unknown enemy, Roger must now battle for more than his life — he must win the trust and love of the wild young woman who has every reason to fear him.

Roger knows he cannot live in Teleri’s world, and she is afraid of his. Once he recovers, Roger is determined to find the one who tried to kill him. And Teleri must choose whether to stay secluded with a broken heart — or to trust this powerful warrior who has threatened all she holds dear. Together they journey to a place where duty is everything, where a man’s honor — not his heart — must guide him. There, amid the dangerous secrets of the past, they will risk everything in search of a love that is forever.