Sentimental Journey

  • Publisher: Atria Books: June 2001; Belle Bridge Books: 2012
  • Genre: Historical Fiction
  • Available Formats: eBook, Print and Audio

In her stunning hardcover debut, "New York Times bestselling author Jill Barnett creates a powerful novel of love, honor, and courage, set against the epic panorama of World War II.

Kitty Kincaid grew up in the shadow of her father, a famous research scientist. But when she is captured by the Nazis in French Morocco, she must rely on her own wits to survive.

J.R. Cassidy is a U.S. Army officer, an expert who specializes in impossible missions where rules don’t matter…only winning does. But when he infiltrates a mountain stronghold to get Kitty out, they are trapped, with only one route of escape — through the burning Sahara Desert.

Charlotte Morrison is a barnstormer’s daughter who courageously ferries planes to Britain’s Royal Air Force. But soon she is torn between two men: an idealistic younger man who will follow her into the jaws of the enemy and an intense stranger who cannot let go of the past.

Red Walker has spent his whole life in a small Texas town — until the day someone special gives him the courage to walk away.

George “Skip” Inskip is a renowned flying ace in the British Royal Air Force, a man whose actions aren’t driven by patriotism, but by a powerful need for vengeance.

In a love story spanning three continents and an infinite range of human emotions, these spirited men and women live hard, love hard, and fight hard. On burning sands, in blue skies, and under screaming Nazi bombs, they all make their own personal journeys. But when fate brings them together in a place where duty comes before love, they can no longer live only for today — not if they ever want to see tomorrow.

Passionate, poignant, and masterfully told, “SentimentalJourney is a triumphant adventure of the choices made for love and country at a time when ordinary, everyday people became heroes.