Saving Grace

  • Series: Fool Me Once, Book 2
  • Publisher: Berkley Jove: December 1993; Pocket Books: December 2000; Jill Barnett Books: March 2011
  • Genre: Historical Romance
  • Available Formats: eBook

Previously titled Fall From Grace, this classic Jill Barnett love and laughter novella is set in the Highlands of Scotland, where the Clan McNish has been raided and left starving by their bitter rivals, the McNabs. As granddaughter to the clan chieftain, Grace McNish decides it is her duty to capture and ransom a vile McNab. But she and her clan of misfits mistakenly capture the wrong man, Colin Campbell, Earl of Argyll and Lord of the Isles, who is on his way to decide the fate of the two warring clans.