Daniel and the Angel

  • Series: Christmas In The City, Book 1
  • Publisher: Pocket Books: Oct 1994; Jill Barnett Books: March 2011
  • Genre: Historical Romance
  • Available Formats: eBook

A classic Jill Barnett Christmas novella of love and laughter. When wealthy financier D. L. Stewart’s finds an injured woman in the snow in front of his New York City mansion, he has no idea she is the fair Lillian, a big-hearted and somewhat inept fallen angel, sent back to teach him what Christmas is really about. But Lilli has her work cut out for her. D.L. is a wounded and cynical soul, a man who is an expert at not feeling anything, and who believes he can buy anything and anyone. Can one loving, soft-hearted angel really change this damaged man who has a heart of solid stone?


Special Features

Originally Published in the “Holiday of Love” Anthology

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